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Current Bike


My 1997 Suzuki GSXR1100WT

  • Yoshimura RS-3 exhaust.
  • Yoshimura oval carbon fibre can.
  • Dynojet stage 2.
  • K & N air filter.
  • Factory Pro ignition advance.




Dyno readouts from Stan Stephens

I rode to Stan's with the Yoshi system  fitted - he then fitted the Dynojet kit and K&N air filter.  He also discovered and removed the dreaded 125bhp restriction carb webs!  

The dip from 4500-6000rpm in the graphs is was a little alarming, but I later discovered that the balancing job Stan's technician did (if he did at all) was crap!  

Since these readouts I've fitted an ignition advance from Factory Pro which seems to have made everything a little more crisp.

BHP - 147 (corrected)

Torque - 84ft/lbs (corrected)



Hear my bike in action


Well here's my first attempt at recording the sound of my bike - the wind noise is annoying over about 70mph.  Also the road is typical of Malta - bumpy, slippery and short, so I ended up short-shifting to stop the slides, and you can here the engine note varying as the suspension is working overtime.

Next time I'll try and record my bike up the quarter mile, where I'll set up the microphone better and where the surface is far superior.