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(Although I'll probably regret it later!)

Well I sold the yellow Landie but, for the sake of making the deal, took this one in part exchange.  It's a standard 2a with the original 2 Rover diesel engine and standard 4-speed gearbox (no synro in 1st and 2nd!).  It's no power beast but it's got great compression so there's no stopping it, and it's so economical, especially after the 2.5TD (with it's dodgy rings!).

It's a nice original Landie with no hidden horrors.  It's not pretty and certainly would benefit from seeing some paint on the body and wheels - it's a true case of what you see is what you get, and I'm getting fonder of this one than I was of the last!



In the past ...



This, my first Land Rover, is sold.  Thanks to the increase in traffic and decrease in parking in Malta I make the decision to sell the Landie to buy a new scooter - this doesn't really explain, therefore why I've ended up with another Landie!!  I simply took this one in part exchange - I had to in order to make the sale go through.  I hope the new one will sell more easily as it's going for a fraction of the price of this heavily-modified one.

this Landie was originally built in 1964 the only bits left from then were parts of the chassis and the bulkhead!

  • 2.5lt turbo diesel
  • 5-sp gearbox
  • Permanent 4x4 
  • Central dif-locks


  • Coil springs

  • Power steering

  • Disc brakes

  • 90 front end and doors


landie_roofless1.jpg (219247 bytes)

Summer's here, so roof off and Series doors.  Here you can see the seats before I fixed them up.  

landie_roofless2.jpg (215850 bytes)
landie_roofless3.jpg (57506 bytes)

Et volia, seats fixed!

dogs_in_landie1.jpg (40911 bytes)


Old friends, with me no more.  My mint 1983 Fiat X1/9. Recently sold, our 1989 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0 V6



Other than these I've had:
  • Ford Fiesta XR2i
  • Seat Ibiza 2.0 GTi
  • Honda Accord
  • Suzuki Samurai
  • Ford Fiesta Mk.1 Ghia 
  • Ford Fiesta Mk.1 Popular


  • Mini saloon
  • Mini Clubman Estate
  • 2 Mini pickups
  • 2 Ford  Escorts Mk.2 (2nd one fully rally prepared)
  • VW Beetle




November 2000 we went to Germany to celebrate our company's birthday.  We had a lovely 2lt diesel Vectra (although it sounded like a delivery truck when you opened the window and heard the exhaust note!)

vectra1.jpg (32230 bytes)
........ and 3 days later ........

Aren't the airbags supposed to deploy in the event of a head-on collision at 120kph?!?

vectra2.jpg (32490 bytes)