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Volker Binned It! ]

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Claus and one of his many babies.  This is a late oil cooled Gixxer, built in Germany to his specs.

He doesn't let me ride it!


Ray, who's had more bikes than I've had hot dinners!  Currently rides a custom HD Springer Softail, a stock Road King and a Gilera Runner 180.

I haven't got any pics of his bikes so his ugly mug will have to do for now!

Volker's 2000 spec Yamaha R1 (see more on my Photos page).  I rode this a few days ago - a ridiculously responsive hoon machine (even though it makes less power than my Gixxer, Volker!), and if I had one I'd probably kill myself on it!

Oh Jeez - 23.09.2001 Volker binned the R1.  He puts it down to rider error, but it still sucks.  BOth he and the bike escaped with cuts and bruises and the bike should be back together really soon - thanks Kululu (top mechanic, top bloke)!


Dave - rides like the wind, smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish!  Loves anything on wheels, including his Hayabusa, YZF750, FZ750, Saab 900, Mk2 Escort RS2000 (How could you, Dave?!), and Tigger, his GSX-based drag bike (see the photos page).

We've been friends for 20 years, despite spending half that time 2000 miles apart.  He's as good as they get.  If only he'd learn the meaning of the word "caution" ........