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Volker Binned It!

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This is the face of a guy who thinks that his friend's priority should not be taking pics of his injuries and damaged bike!!



In the pics the upper fairing's already off.  the damage was actually only on the right, where he scraped along a wall (hence the injured right wrist too!).  We were amazed at how easily the upper fairing comes off.  Also impressive was the was the indicator unplugged and ejected itself intact during the accident!  The bike should be fine although there appears to be some misalignment in the forks (this to be checked this afternoon).

Third pic shows the demise of Volker's lovely BOS can.  With the standard pipe he could hear his bike (but even with the BOS he can't here it if I'm around with my Yoshimura!) so he's going to have to buy a new naughty one. 


r1_ouch1.jpg (36935 bytes)

r1_ouch2.jpg (42477 bytes)

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