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Past Bikes

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Past loves


My 1976 Yamaha Enduro 250

(aka the Rat Bike).  It was just a nasty, old worthless nail that reliably got me to the office each morning.


My belated Kawasaki KLX650: 
  • Dynojet stage 2.
  • Laser Produro end can.

I very stupidly sold it.  The roads here are appalling and this thing ate them for breakfast!



My belated Yamaha V-Max: 
  • Hindle 4-2-1
  • Dynojet stage 7
  • Hot cams
  • Extra compression
  • Uprated brakes.

 All this in a frame with a hinge in the middle!


This is my old '85 Yamaha FZ750.  It's still going strong, and still scaring GSXR750s (I'm not kidding, it's not exactly standard!).  Dave owns this bike now and uses it when he's not on his Hayabusa or YZF750.  (see my photos page).

Before this motley collection there was a Kawasaki Z550 (in a Z440 frame) and my first bike, a Honda CB250RS (the thumper, not the Superdream -  Euch!)