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This is where I get to bore you with endless examples of my terrible photography, presented in an unsorted, chaotic, random order!  

Click on the pictures to see the full-sized versions; all pictures will open in a new browser (think of all the extra pages I would have had to make otherwise!)



 (also see Goodstuff)

Friends and family

Dave and me, eating huge ribs and drinking too much beer in Honiton.  Once again I'm ashamed at the sheer cheesiness of my grin - it's the alcohol, honestly! randd.jpg (16778 bytes)

Dave's drag bike, Tigger:

  • Orient Express GSX 1480cc

  • Orient Express undercut gearbox

  • MRE lock up clutch

  • Airshifter

  • Lectron 44mm Megatron carbs

  • MSD-3 ignition with multistage injectors

  • Schnitz progressive nitros


tigger1.jpg (236512 bytes)
tigger2.jpg (188179 bytes)

Some of us parked outside Paparazzi - 1999.  Left to right: 

  • Ray's White Mist

  • Jacque's Springer

  • Claus's Alien

  • Ricardo's Magna (now sold)

  • Donald's Bandit 1200 (now sold)

  • my old KLX650

  • Claus's Queen (mix of 4 decades of HD!)

  • Tina's 7/11 streetfighter.


Congratulations, guys!!

Chris and Marija!  

saccos.jpg (76631 bytes)    
Alec, my stepfather, in one of his less lucid moments! alec.jpg (17310 bytes)

Jeremy, a biker of sorts (Harley Davidson that lives outside!) and a top C++ and VD programmer.  (Visit Jeremy's homepage). 

jeremy.jpg (36001 bytes)

Jeremy has a twin brother, James, who's lucky enough to have two VW Beetles. james.jpg (20965 bytes)
Alex getting very drunk.  Later the sea got quite rough and I swear he turned green! sanderpissed.jpg (29939 bytes)
Chris, Katrina and me celebrating Christmas. I was probably drunk here too! cosparty.jpg (30458 bytes)
Would you trust this man to build you a boat??? banese.jpg (25059 bytes)

The Beasts!

Olly!  Need I say more?

yoghurt_attack1.jpg (217105 bytes)

Gizmo, with Pebbles behind him.

gizmo_and_pebbles.jpg (85146 bytes)

Pebbles, as alert as ever!

pebbles19062001.jpg (158283 bytes)

Suki, looking particularly evil for some reason!

suki19062001.jpg (194681 bytes)


farmyardenroute.jpg (42171 bytes)

More of Volker's 2000 R1, now with a BOS oval carbon silencer.

Venue: my garage time

Time: Sunday 07:50 (the breakfast run!).

vh_r1_2.jpg (230000 bytes)

vh_r1_3.jpg (146053 bytes)

vh_r1_4.jpg (91741 bytes)