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Pebbles, who adopted us  at the Cat Sanctuary in October 2000.  We guess he's about 5, but who knows?!
Suki, who we adopted on the same day as Pebbles.  A colleague found her abandoned under her car one morning along with a brother or sister, both no more than 2 weeks old.  We were resolved to get two cats and, when her sibling passed away, we took Pebbles home to be her uncle!

Gizmo was rejected by him mother when he was about 2 weeks old.  He was with another dozen or so puppies in the care of Freddie Fenech of AAA.  However he was very ill with numerous illnesses and infections and was clearly not going to last long.  We decided to foster him and restore him to health, but the inevitable happened - we fell in love with him and now he's here to stay!

Gizmo's now 13 months old (this is not an up-to-date photo!).

Ollie - rescued by Vanessa's cousin (nice going, Sue!) from abusive, neglectful bastards.  He had scars and open wounds from being bullied by the dogs he had to live with, and his tail look like it was cut with scissors or a knife.  He also came home infested with fleas and ticks that took over two hours of solid work to remove - thank goodness for Frontline!

Still it's our gain - he's sweet, playful, intelligent and oh-so loving. 

Here you can see Ollie as a puppy having the crap kicked out of him by a kitten - and loving every minute of it!!! (PowerPoint slide show, 238kb)

Obviously Ollie's parentage is unconfirmed, but he does seem to have a lot of Pit Bull in him. 

Mickey - our new addition, rescued from the streets of Floriana.  After an initial reaction of aggression and intolerance, Ollie has totally accepted him - more.

Mickey appears to be Dalmatian, half 'no idea' (Beagle?  Pointer?)!  He's very excitable, very athletic and very loving.  We guess he's about 8-9 months, but he's very immature, even for that age! He is however fairly house trained, with very few transgressions!